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MalCon conference on Dec 3, 2010
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No Bandh for Kerala IT, July 5, 2010
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Barcamp Kerala, May 3, 2009
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Dr. Sujit Saraf: Scientist and successful author
By Suneetha

Another IITian turned writer, he has traveled all the way from Bihar to Darjeeling to Delhi to NASA to Palo Alto. But his heart and soul have remained Indian, so Indian that he writes commentaries of even politics in India. Meet Sujit Saraf, author of ‘The Peacock Throne’ and ‘The Confession of Sultana Daku.’ More...

Techie takes pay cut to promote Sci-Fi for Indians
By Suneetha

Desi Sci-Fi and intensive workshops for Indian writers, how does that sound together? Meet Anil Menon, a techie who is giving his whole heart to the Desi-SF project which hopes to inspire more Indian writers into reading Desi-Science Fiction and writing it as well. Here is the chat Techgoss had with him. More...

Idealistic techie biker rides for a cause
By Suneetha

Riding solo from Bangalore and back, he rode 7000 Kilometers in twenty one days covering 13 Indian states. He is a techie and a traveler who is crazy about bikes and supporting idealistic causes. Meet Prabhu who says ‘I ride for a cause’ and ‘I Ride against poverty’. His motor cycle diaries have been scripted on twitter at prabhuns. More...

Indian filmmakers win $107,000
By Suneetha

Sapna Shahani and Angana Jhaveri are literally ‘women with a dream’ as their names indicate. They have won the prestigious MacArthur Digital Media and Learning Competition of 2009 worth $107,000 to pursue their dream of offering an online presence for low-income women from across India on their unique digital platform WAVE. More...

Harvard Study: Men use social sites to eye girls
By Techgirl

The Harvard Business School is consistently rated among the top 3 MBA institutes in the world.  Its alumni have gone on to run some of the most successful tech businesses in the world.  Home Minister Chidambaram is a graduate.  The flip side of the coin is that many Harvard MBA’s were also intrinsically involved in the biggest business failures in USA. More...

US Engineers paid more than other professionals
By Shalini Singh

Even as outsourcing and recession result in job losses and salary cuts in USA, American engineers (with Bachelors degrees) still get paid more than local economists, accountants and most in the medical profession.  In fact, American Aerospace, Chemical, Computer and Electrical engineers lead the starting and mid career salaries among all professions.  More...

Bill Gates writes for Gadget blog
By Ria Sharma

Gadget and technology blog Gizmodo is well known for its integrity and in your face honesty.  Started in 2002, it gets more than 100 million page views a month.  As you can imagine, a Gizmodo review often results in a product selling better or not.  As a thought leader, its views are echoed by other tech websites and blogs. Bill Gates has just written for Gizmodo. More...

Intel Guru Ajay Bhatt: TV Ad made me rock star
By Suneetha

Intel is the dominant chip player in the world and controls 80 percent of the $40 billion market.  Intel chips have stood the test of time and rugged conditions and drive most of the pc’s and laptops in the world. Recently, Intel launched a multi-million dollar advertising blitz starring an Indian born Intel Fellow and one of the most respected executives in USA. More...

Greenpeace to rate Indian Techie bosses
By Suneetha

Greenpeace, the global environment warrior NGO, has hosted a challenge to the IT world, a Cool IT Challenge! In this ‘Climate Change Campaign to Greener Electronics’, Greenpeace tells the IT industry that ‘It’s No Time to be Sleepwalking!” and has just assessed the green credentials of the leadership of IBM, Oracle, Dell, Microsoft and other international companies. More...

Bill Gates meets Professor Bhatnagar
By Jayant Mishra

Professor Subhash Bhatnagar recently won accolades when his paper titled ‘Results from a study of impact of eGovernment projects in India’ was selected as the best paper submitted at the ICTD meet in April, 2009 at Doha. In an exclusive interview to techgoss, Mr. Bhatnagar shared his experience on getting the award, his future focus and about his meeting with Bill Gates. More...

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