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MalCon conference on Dec 3, 2010
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No Bandh for Kerala IT, July 5, 2010
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Barcamp Kerala, May 3, 2009
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Techie’s Debut ‘Confess IT’
By Suneetha

Mumbai techie Parul Sharma works with an IT giant and is author of ‘Confess IT’. She had some Wow moments recently. Writer and film director Abhik Bhanu called her up about how he loved Parul’s book and could not put it down. And the Times of India Mumbai edition included her in a list of techies-turned-writers who hold on to day jobs.  Techgoss and Parul had this conversation. More...

Secrets of Cracking the JEE
By Suneetha

Soumyadeep Paul, IIT Kanpur alumnus, graduated in Computer Science in 2000. He has since been part of several technology start-ups in the US, the UK and India. He also writes and has directed a number of short films and documentaries for various organizations. His book, The Topper Prepares: The True Stories of Those Who Cracked the JEE, is creating ripples. Techgoss finds out. More...

Tech Manager’s ‘Just Six Evenings’
By Hitesh Shetty

Indian tech hub Gurgaon based Tanmay Dubey has had a successful career since 2002 in India’s booming IT industry.  Dubey who is a ‘voracious reader and an avid storyteller’ as well as an enthusiastic cyclist and marathon runner has penned ‘Just Six Evenings’.  This debut book is a result of his observations and experiences in the Indian IT Industry. Techgoss caught up with him More...

Techie’s Spiritual Science Fiction
By Suneetha

Lata Sony, who started work as a software developer but is now a technical editor with hugely successful software giant Oracle at New Delhi, was halfway to a traditional publishing contract when she changed directions and went the self-publishing route. Lata deliberated with logic, and chose her publishing podium for a very convincing reason; her vibrant idol was Rasana Atreya More...

TCS Manager Short Story Success
By Suneetha

Siddhartha Gigoo has been with Tech giant TCS for the last 17 years and is now an AGM, Technical Communication at New Delhi. His story ‘The Umbrella Man’ is the winner for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2015 (Asia). His short story collection ‘A Fistful of Earth and Other Stories’ had been long-listed for the prestigious Frank O’ Connor International Short Story Award 2015. More...

Techie behind IPL Pepsi Ad
By Suneetha

A degree in electronics and communication engineering and four plus years with the Infosys, Keerthi Natarajan called it quits last September, to pursue the silver screen. Keerthi’s work with the Crash the Pepsi IPL award winner advertisement Rajma-Upma has brought Keerthi and his team at the Golden Age Film House a purse of One Lakh Rupees. Techgoss chats with Keerthi Natarajan. More...

Inspiring Techie starts AfterTaste
By Suneetha

Shalini Datta trained to be a Chemical Engineer but went into Infosys in 2000, and eight years hence to Cognizant Technology Solutions. A steep learning curve for a non-computer science person, but her social commitment made her quit. She took on a Teach for India Fellowship and later formed ‘AfterTaste’, an initiative for empowering women. Shalini Datta finds time for Techgoss. More...

Techie Bhagat Pens Book for Dads
By Suneetha

Oracle techie Ketan Bhagat says he is as middle class a person you can find on a Mumbai street; with a saturated salary, protruding waistline, receding hairline, old marriage, rented house and a car which is on EMI.  But his first book Complete/Convenient is being filmed as ‘Desi Kangaroo’ by Ashiqui boy Rahul Roy and his just launched book Child/God is on the way to Bollywood. More...

Techie’s documentary Success
By Resmi Jaimon

Ramesh Yanthra currently works in the IT industry as a Usability Analyst.  The key to the success in all such jobs in the tech sector is a balanced knowledge of technology as well as the design medium which interacts with end users. Ramesh has co-produced a very good documentary Gudiyam Caves that captured the history and beauty of the pre-historic rock shelters of South India. More...

Techie’s Children Book in Top 5
By Suneetha

TCS techie Balaji Venkataramanan thought it an April Fool prank. On the second of April, this Techgoss correspondent congratulated him on his nomination to the Raymond & Crossword Book Award 2014. He checked the Crossword nominations on Facebook, and indeed, his hilarious novel Flat Track Bullies was right there in the shortlist of five books in the Children’s Writing Category. More...

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