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MalCon conference on Dec 3, 2010
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No Bandh for Kerala IT, July 5, 2010
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Barcamp Kerala, May 3, 2009
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IT Girlie Calender:  Model Maryse Alvis Has Kerala Heritage
By Dj Varma

Maryse Alvis is the only model from the sub-continent in the world’s first IT Girlie ‘Beauty and Brains’ Calender.  Australia-based Maryse has successfully straddled two careers of accounting and IT for a number of years. She started out studying accounting; then built on technical IT knowledge after doing a programming course. More...

More...  Hundred thousand Indian girls join In 4 Weeks
By DJ Varma and Ashwin Sinha

The latest entrant aboard the website bandwagon,, has scripted a very interesting success story in the Indian web industry. Bankrolled by consumer giant Hindustan Lever and designed by BC Web Wise, this woman’s online advertising boutique has struck an instant chord with the young, cash-rich Indian women. Over a hundred thousand of them signed up on the website in the last one month. More...

IT Girlie ‘Beauty With Brains’ Calender: Indian Men Not Impressed
By Dj Varma

More than 2.1 million Americans have logged in between last Thursday and Sunday (3 days) to check out the world’s first IT female calendar ( launched with the aim to inspire more women to consider an IT career.
India Internet:  How It Was Mapped
By  Ranjan Srivastava , Chief of Bureau, Prabhat Khabar

Understanding the urban Indian mind just became smarter, simpler and cost-effective. Sanjay Tiwari of Juxt Consult, which conducts large-scale surveys in Indian cities, found that results of offline or land-based surveys are nearly the same as of online surveys. Sanjay, who has had a long stint in marketing and conducting offline research, felt a couple of years back that since Internet users are largely city-based, the characteristics of online and offline samples should not vary much. Here’s what he did to dispel doubts. More...

Indian IT/BPO Cities Donate Millions To Support Greenpeace
By Pooja Mathur

Greenpeace is one of the most admired organizations in the world.  Its courageous struggles in the western world are well documented and a source of inspiration to millions.  What is relatively lesser known is the large number of Indian computing professionals who spend a lot of time and money to support this worthy cause in India. Naturally, more funds are needed by the environmental movement in a country like India. More...

Internet India:  Porn Not A Priority
By Ranjan Srivastava (Chief of Bureau, Prabhat Khabar, New Delhi)

There is a lot of buzz around us about the Internet just as there was about the mobile phones some years ago. It was followed by a boom in the  mobile industry. Internet is growing at a fast pace and increasingly becoming part of an ordinary Indian's life.
Deepak Mankar :  BPOs, KPOs and the Rest in the Outsourced IT Space

[Techgoss will invite Indians to post their thoughts on how they see the Indian IT industry.  Today,  Hindustan Times columnist  and blog writer, Deepak Mankar, offers his personal ‘take’ on the IT and BPO scene.]
Indian IT:  MNC’s Crack Down On False Certificates
By Rani Sharma

There have been IT booms and IT dooms happening all over India. More booms now, but it was not always this way.  Getting an IT Job in an MNC was a gamble 3 years back. Some made but many did not. But what happens when they lacked qualifications to make the cut?
Speak Hindi/Telugu/Tamil...  Or Go Home
By  ITBangbug

Go to any IT company and for sure one will find people from all across India. When Swaminathan joined a top IT firm in Noida, he was all keyed up and was looking forward to a long innings there. But his happiness was short lived. Swami is from Tamil Nadu and so his biggest handicap turned out to be his lack of Hindi.
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