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MalCon conference on Dec 3, 2010
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No Bandh for Kerala IT, July 5, 2010
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Barcamp Kerala, May 3, 2009
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Cricket hero Anil Kumble at Infosys
By Neha Bajaj

Indian tech powerhouse Infosys held its 13th Annual Awards for Excellence 2008 ceremony this week.  Being an international company, the ceremony was held across 12 locations.  The Annual Awards for Excellence is the biggest event in the Infosys calendar to recognize the achievements of Infoscions.  Indian cricket super hero Anil Kumble graced the occasion as well. More...

Kidnapped Cyber City GM threatened
By Nitin Paul

In a glaring example of how daring the robbers are in Cyber City Gurgaon and have no fear of the law, the executive of a multinational media consultancy firm who was robbed of his cash, ATM cards, wrist watch and Honda City car at gunpoint on November 28, has started receiving threatening calls from the same criminals.  Naturally, he is nervous. More...

Infosys offices:  Airport like security
By Bala Shah

Even as the cowardly, cruel terrorists plot their next attack on an increasingly prosperous India, some of our iconic tech companies are preparing themselves for a worse case scenario.  Infosys, as a respected symbol of India’s growing empowerment, is well prepared.  Techgoss spoke to a few Infosys managers about the well planned security cocoon for their techies. More...

India IT: 60000 contractors being eased out
By Bala Shah

Every large company in India employs IT contractors or ‘vendor-supplied’ techies.  These contractors provide specialist skills and can step into the IT Department for terms as short as 3 months.  Some contracts last for years. The contractors are always paid a premium but the trade off is less job security. Some techies prefer contracting as they get bored at one site. More...

Cyber City GM robbed. Laptop safe
By Nitin Paul

Armed goons waylaid an executive of a multi national media consultancy firm, snatched his belongings  including ATM cards, dumped him gagged and handcuffed before speeding away with his Honda car. Ironically, the goons forced the executive Chirantan Chandran to halt his car at an unmanned police barricade and then forced him to drive to the ATM kiosk at gunpoint.  More...

Pastry death: Nokia not to face charges
By Mahesh Arora

The family of the 22-year old techie, Saurab Sabharwal, who had died of asphyxia while participating in a pastry-eating competition in the cafeteria of his company Nokia-Siemens Networks in Gurgaon, seems to have dropped its earlier passionate decision of prosecuting the company.   Prompt and compassionate actions by Nokia have reduced the anger of the grieving family. More...

UST Global to Recruit 300 Engineers
By Anil Philip

At a time when most IT companies are downsizing or laying off employees, one company in Technopark Trivandrum is planning to do the contrary. UST Global, a leading software services company based here will be hiring about 300 software engineers. UST Global is Kerala's largest IT Company with over 5500 employees and offices across four locations in India and many overseas. More...

Police investigate Nokia contest death
By Mahesh Arora

A 22-year old techie, Saurab Sabharwal, employed with Nokia-Siemens Networks in Gurgaon died mysteriously while participating in a pastry-eating competition in the cafeteria of the office premises on November 19. The doctors at the Max Hospital where he was brought dead said that the pastry chocked his windpipe rendering him breathless. More...

Newsweek censors Tech blog
By Techgirl

American journalist Dan Lyons is one of the brightest stars in the tech universe.  He has mastered serious journalism as well as satire.  Many, including me, feel that his brilliant satire ‘telling it as it is’ is unmatched by any tech writer in US and Europe. Dan Lyons worked for 10 yeas as a Tech journalist at prestigious Forbes.com before joining Newsweek this year.  More...

IT Company cons workers of over 6 crores
By Sunil Sharma

There is an old saying that history repeats itself but looks like its happening very fast and people are still not learning. Just a month after an IT company* in Trivandrum cheated its employees of crores, there is more of the same.  This new scam is a rerun of the script, to the dot.  Givion Soft Make stands accused of taking crores and fleeing in the night. More...

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