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MalCon conference on Dec 3, 2010
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No Bandh for Kerala IT, July 5, 2010
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Barcamp Kerala, May 3, 2009
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Tech Company CEO takes $290000 pay cut
By Pulkit Sharma

Hewlett Packard, like most tech companies, is feeling the chill winds of a global recession.  The first quarter (ending Jan 31) net income has dropped by 13 percent and revenue targets have been not been achieved. America was the only place which saw a revenue increase of 11 percent.  Revenue from emerging economies like India, China, Brazil and Russia fell by 22 percent. More...

HCL asks techgoss blogger to remove post
By Bala Shah

Is prolific Techgoss contributor Techgirl is trouble?  She has made many frenemies within techgoss and in the general IT/BPO sectors.  Techgirl called our Editor “boring and dull” and labeled Techgoss as Trashgoss in her blog.  She declared her crush for Genpact boss Pramod Bhasin and posted ‘unauthorised’ wedding photos of Hotmail founder. Now she faces a legal warning. More...

Matrimony ad: Software engineers please excuse
By John Abraham

Techies getting flustered about pink slips is no longer news; it has been reported by every news media and blog in the world. Recession is here; they know it and expect certain things to happen as the world economy got the jitters last year. But when it comes to marriage, especially the Indian ‘matrimonial market’, software techies did have a special status. No longer More...

Cybercity cops investigate fake laptop thefts
By Rahul Kumar

Police investigating large-scale thefts of laptops in Cybercity Gurgaon are confronted with a peculiar problem of fake registration of such cases by the techies. According to the police officials, about 25 percent of the complainants (who are generally Information Technology workers), falsely report missing laptops just to get compensation from the insurance companies. More...

Truck kills techie before Valentine engagement
By Anita Arora

A SAF programmer employed with American company, Inventiv International, died on the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway on Saturday evening when an out of control speeding truck rammed into the rickshaw he was riding. The 27 year old deceased, Jagdishwar Rao who was to get engaged on February 14, Valentines Day, was on his way to see his friend when the mishap took place.  More...

Tech Company shames ex workers to pay up
By Shalini Singh

Sasken, started in 1989, employs 3500 people in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai as well as Finland and Mexico. Sasken offers a combination of research and development consultancy, wireless software products and software services, and works with Network OEMs, Semiconductor Vendors and Operators across the world.  Sasken has now published names of ex employees who owe them money. More...

Indian on US visa accused of Cyber Attack
By Bala Shah

American company Fannie Mae has the same brand recognition as the Tatas and Ambanis in India.  Fannie Mae, as America’s largest mortgage company, gives loans to tens of millions of home owners.  But as the American economy crashed, Fannie suffered huge losses forcing a takeover by the US Govt. An Indian on a H1B visa stands accused of trying to sabotage its computers. More...

Social networking site bans 90000 sex offenders
By Shalini Singh

While the internet entertains and enriches us in many ways, it has dark, evil crevices where sexual predators and pedophiles lurk.  How many such sexual predators with evil intentions join social networking sites like Facebook?  No one was sure till America’s leading social networking site MySpace revealed that it has banned 90 thousand sex offenders over the last 2 years. More...

Boycott of Tata, Airtel and Reliance fizzles
By Bala Shah

Depending on your perspective, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is a Saintly hero blessed with the Midas touch or a Hindu strongman with a bias against minorities.  What is not disputed is that Mr. Modi understands business and has brought unprecedented economic success to his State. A call by one of his critics to boycott 3 telecom companies has had mixed success. More...

Russian PM Putin blasts PC maker Dell
By Bala Shah

Russia has had many strong leaders.  Its ex-President and current Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, has almost single handedly steered it back to super power status it once enjoyed.  Not a single important decision is taken in Russia without it being cleared by Putin and his trusted advisors.  Putin is ruthless and brooks no opposition.  The Russian bear has now clawed Dell. More...

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