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MalCon conference on Dec 3, 2010
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No Bandh for Kerala IT, July 5, 2010
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Barcamp Kerala, May 3, 2009
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Mr. Average gets American working visas
By Shalini Singh

The lobby in America pushing for more working visas (aka H-1B) pants a picture that without more tech workers on such visas, USA would loose its competitive edge.  And that these ‘best and brightest’ on H-1B visas help America keep its leadership position in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. More...

Techie raises Rs. 3 Lakhs election fighting fund
By Suneetha.B

His website proclaims great words by Gandhiji and Abraham Lincoln, including ‘be the change you want to see in the world’. He is doing exactly that. Ravi Krishna Reddy, a computer science ME, had a ‘decent’ (his definition) techie job back in the US for over 6 years, and has left it all to plunge into politics back home. Reddy is contesting as an independent candidate from the Jayanagar constituency in Bangalore to the Karnataka state assembly. More...

Airtel,  Reliance lobbying against Blackberry
By Rishikesh N 

Although telecom secretary Siddharth Behuria has ruled out an immediate ban on Blackberry services, it could still be enforceable if the issue is not resolved soon. The issue on hand is that Blackberry has to allow Government of India security agencies to access the information, whether email or SMS. Currently, all Blackberry emails and text messages are encrypted and the information is hosted in the US and North America, the company does not grant anyone access to it, citing consumer privacy. More...

$500 reward to ‘catch’ a  blogger
by Suneetha.B

How would you like to make $500 as reward just for identifying a blogger? Here is how to do it!  Angela Hoy of  is desperately looking for one Poddymouth who is going round impersonating a previous blogger, who has retired and archived her site as on March 17, 2007. More...

Microsoft blesses Hindus and their temple
By Yasmin Ahmed

How does an H1B visa or a green card connect with the popular deity Krishna? Can’t say it actually does, since Krishna went abroad first to the US, long back with the ISKONS! But this time, it isn’t the ISKONs that is sponsoring Krishna worship, but, hold your breath, our own Bill Gates Company,  software giant Microsoft! More...

Survey:  Elite do not trust bloggers 
By Suneetha.B

Dan Edelman has come a long way from his successful media tour in the early 1950s parading twelve pairs of identical twins as a part of his marketing assignment for the Toni Company. His public relations company Edelman is now headed by his son Richard, who is President and CEO although Dan remains the chairman.  Edelman has just released a survey showing low public faith in bloggers and social networking sites. More...

Techies shun Blood Donation Camp
By Sunil Sharma
As part of the World Health Day Celebrations on April 07, 2008 a Mega Blood Donation Camp was organised in Thiruvananthapuram. The organisers held the event at the Chandrasekharan Nair Stadium in the middle of the city for easy accessibility and to accommodate a large number of participants.
IT Entrepreneur starts Hair Replacement Studio
By ITBangbug

The proprietor of an IT start-up in Trivandrum had a big problem. He has couple of Fortune 500 companies including Aramco as clients but still something was bugging him. No, it wasn’t failing projects or missing deadlines or even falling profits but it was something personal. He was worried about his receding hair line which made him look older than what he was. Probably he is one among the thousands of Techies who’s going through this but then, he decided to find a solution. More...

Wipro ads used to recruit male engineers
By ITBangbug

Leading English newspapers in Kerala have carried a recruitment advertisement of Wipro this week. ‘Wanted Project Engineers’, Wipro requires Project Engineers across Kerala. There are 25 vacancies but only males can apply. Do we smell some gender bias here? Or is this Wipro’s way of contributing to the gender inequality in Kerala as part of their corporate responsibility? More...

US networking site pays $.10 for new members
By John Abhraham

Are some US social networking sites using Indian expertise and skills to increase their membership numbers? And consequently earning more street creed and revenue from American advertisers.  The ethics of paying Indians per sign-up, when membership is free in USA, raises many questions. More...

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