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MalCon conference on Dec 3, 2010
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No Bandh for Kerala IT, July 5, 2010
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Barcamp Kerala, May 3, 2009
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Indian Politician Facebook campaign
By Satyaki Verma

In the United States, politicians have been successfully using social networking to further their political aims. Case in point is Barack Obama who has close to 1 and a half million supporters on his Fan Page on Facebook.  Barack Obama had the foresight to hire Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes to join his team in 2007, a move which paid rich dividends.  Obama has also raised tens of millions of dollars via the net. More...

Orkut defamer arrest soon
By Rahul K

Yet another incident of anonymous vilification of people by posting lewd remarks and photographs on a social networking website has come to light in Cybercity Gurgaon, India. This time the family of a serving Major in the Indian armed forces has become an innocent victim. The photographs of the Major, his wife and niece coupled with derogatory remarks have been posted on Orkut which is owned by Google. More...

Wrong report about UST Global
By Anil Philip

The leading English business newspaper, The Economic Times, had on Monday, 25 August 2008, carried a story on UST Global, which is Kerala’s largest IT services company. With over 5500 employees and offices across four locations in India and many overseas, UST Global is part of the over $6 billion Comcraft group owned by the NRI Chandaria family based in Geneva. ET had reported the possibility of the Comcraft Group selling its stake in UST Global. More...

Terrorists exploit Mumbai net security
By Pulkit Sharma

Terrorists aim to create a climate of fear and insecurity to achieve their ends.  Is India’s generally lax computer security providing terrorists, militants and cranks the opportunities to threaten others without fear of being tracked down? Last month, an organization claiming to be the Indian Mujahideen, hijacked the WiFi connection of Mumbai-based American Ken Haywood to send an email to TV Channels claiming credit for the blasts which killed many. More...

Nagpur IT Company fires brothers
By Mahesh PV

Uday and Vinay Kadbe are shocked brothers-in-arms. Vinay was well employed with Infospectrum India Pvt Ltd at Nagpur. Uday was doing well on his own in the US. When an opportunity presented itself, Vinay referred his brother for a senior job in his company. Uday landed the job given his skill set, and left his cushy life in the US to be back with his family. All went well for over 5 months. Then everything went wrong. More...

Google India protects blogger
By Shalini Singh

Google India has been fighting to protect the rights of an Indian blogger for the last few months. Mumbai-based Gremach hires out heavy equipment to infrastructure projects in India. Gremach has a number of sister companies, one of which took out a controlling stake in coal mines in Mozambique in 2007.  Gremach has a number of high profile clients like the Reliance Group, L&T and Punj Lloyd Ltd among others. More...

Indian internet, website weaknesses
By Rajshekhar Murthy
India is the target of bomb blasts almost every month. Hundreds of innocent people die for no reason. While it is difficult to stop all such attacks, it is fairly possible to prevent many such attacks by improvising and using the existing resources effectively.  Let's look at some of the problems we face, many of which could be handled by our skill sets and proper planning
Police searching for techie
By Nitin Paul

The Cyber Crime wing of Gurgaon police have booked an IT professional of an export house on charges of stealing a company’s confidential data containing proprietary designs and other modules. This professional also sold the same data to a rival company in Mumbai through email. The Udyog Vihar based Exports Company Crafts Exports has alleged that the data theft has caused it monetary losses running in millions of rupees.  More...

Website tributes to Google India couple
By Sree 
Google India is in a state of shock with couple Hari Shankar and his wife Roshni Mukherjee assumed to be amongst those who perished in the fire on the Gautami Express which occurred in Warangal district of Andhra Pradesh in the early hours of August 1 killing more than 30 people.  Tragically, most of the deceased were charred beyond recognition.
Porn website influences 11-year old boy
By Techgirl

Cyber law expert Na.Vijayashankar, also known as Naavi in Cyberspace, is one of the most respected names in the Indian tech world.  As Chairman of the Digital Society Foundation and as a Director of Cyber Law College, one of Naavi’s life mottos is “Let’s build a responsible Cyber society”.    Naavi’s views are highly regarded and he is regularly quoted by the leading Indian newspapers and magazines. More...

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