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MalCon conference on Dec 3, 2010
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No Bandh for Kerala IT, July 5, 2010
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Barcamp Kerala, May 3, 2009
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UST Global to Recruit 300 Engineers
By Anil Philip

At a time when most IT companies are downsizing or laying off employees, one company in Technopark Trivandrum is planning to do the contrary. UST Global, a leading software services company based here will be hiring about 300 software engineers. UST Global is Kerala's largest IT Company with over 5500 employees and offices across four locations in India and many overseas. More...

Police investigate Nokia contest death
By Mahesh Arora

A 22-year old techie, Saurab Sabharwal, employed with Nokia-Siemens Networks in Gurgaon died mysteriously while participating in a pastry-eating competition in the cafeteria of the office premises on November 19. The doctors at the Max Hospital where he was brought dead said that the pastry chocked his windpipe rendering him breathless. More...

Newsweek censors Tech blog
By Techgirl

American journalist Dan Lyons is one of the brightest stars in the tech universe.  He has mastered serious journalism as well as satire.  Many, including me, feel that his brilliant satire ‘telling it as it is’ is unmatched by any tech writer in US and Europe. Dan Lyons worked for 10 yeas as a Tech journalist at prestigious before joining Newsweek this year.  More...

IT Company cons workers of over 6 crores
By Sunil Sharma

There is an old saying that history repeats itself but looks like its happening very fast and people are still not learning. Just a month after an IT company* in Trivandrum cheated its employees of crores, there is more of the same.  This new scam is a rerun of the script, to the dot.  Givion Soft Make stands accused of taking crores and fleeing in the night. More...

Police visit silences techie blogger
By Yasmin Ahmed

Fond of expressing strong views on the web?  Take a breather and think of what you may face after that, and see what happened to a techie who did it recently. The recent skirmishes in the Indian state of Maharashtra over who is the real Mumbaiite has had many a non-Mumbaiite fuming against Raj Thackeray and his organization.  A blogger let loose and the police came calling. More...

Media ignores Kerala VC Summit
By Anil Philip

The media has ignored the ongoing Kerala Venture Capital Summit 2008 in Trivandrum on 10th and 11th November. The visual media, including local and national channels, was conspicuous by their absence on the opening day of the Summit yesterday. The attendance from the print media was also abysmally low.  This was unexpected as Kerala is considered one of the best tech hubs. More...

IIT Super techie writes popular book
By Suneetha B

For UK resident Indian techie Farahad Zama, this is the manifestation of a childhood hobby and the continuation of a family activity (his father is an author). This Vizag born IIT Kharagpur alumni wrote ‘A marriage Bureau for Rich People’ during his lonely commute to reduce the stress he felt in his job when he made the change over from writing programs to managing people. More...

IT Pink Slips and a Red response
By Suneetha.B

The IBS in Technopark, Trivandrum; one of the most reputed companies here, issued quite a few pink slips in the last week of October, ostensibly as a routine measure after the annual performance appraisal. Media reports say that the laid off personnel were informed individually and offered 2 months salary as compensation. More...

IBM bonuses for referring new employees
By Sonia Saxena

One of India’s most respected companies, IBM Global Services Pvt. Ltd, organised a walk in drive on 24th October 2008 with a difference. This was a recruitment drive open only to women candidates. These positions were for both the software and their BPO services based on different skill sets.  Substantial bonuses were given to IBMers who referred future employees. More...

IBM India offers Retention Bonus
By Simran Chaddha

IBM Global Services in Bangalore has come out with a new incentive scheme to motivate its employees, who have been with the organization for over three or four years now, and have been good performers. This scheme has been implemented in a US Based Sales Process first.  Even as many IT companies are shedding staff and reducing salaries, IBM seeing a brighter future in India. More...

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