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MalCon conference on Dec 3, 2010
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No Bandh for Kerala IT, July 5, 2010
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Barcamp Kerala, May 3, 2009
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Letters and Code of a Mirrored Mind
By Hitesh Shelly

Vikram Chandra’s book 'Red Earth and Pouring Rain' won the Commonwealth Writers Prize for Best First Book and the David Higham Prize for Fiction.  His other novels 'Love and Longing in Bombay' and 'Sacred Games' have received the same critical acclaim.  Vikram’s programming and tech expertise helped him pay his way though graduate school and fund research for his first novel. More...

Ajaya - Epic of the Kaurava Clan
By Suneetha

If it was Ravana last year, this year its Veda Vyasa and the Kaurava clan; Anand Neelakantan, reluctant techie and passionate wordsmith is back with a new novel ‘Ajaya - Epic of the Kaurava Clan, Book I- Roll of the Dice’. The book was released by the celebrity couple Nagarjuna-Amala at Hyderabad the other day. Neelakantan’s first book ‘Asura’ had been a chart-topper last year. More...

Ray’s Murder Mystery after Kismet
By Suneetha

Chandi Prasad Rout Ray works for Wipro Eco Energy, which offers energy management services for enterprises. His debut book Kismet 3.0 empathised with a techie’s life. It was a laugh riot that found an echo in many a techie’s heart. Chandi Prasad’s new book Rachel is a diametric opposite. It’s a dark and fast thriller, and is based on Newton’s Third Law. Techgoss finds out more. More...

Obama praises startup’s NRI CEO
By Shalini Nagaonkar

Techie Geetha Vallabhaneni, who moved to the US from India 15 years ago, was given the privilege of introducing US President Barack Obama at an event in Tech Hub San Francisco in November, 2013. President Obama started his speech by saying: “I want to start by thanking Geetha for the wonderful introduction and the great work that she’s doing.  Give her a big round of applause". More...

Satyam Techie is script success
By Resmi Jaimon

Rakesh Mantodi studied Computer Science and worked at tech giant Satyam Computers for 6 years. But he always had a strong desire to write and direct movies.  Rakesh has written the script for Thira (first in a Trilogy) which was released in November and has created a lot of positive buzz among film fans.  The highly regarded Shobana makes her return to Malayalam cinema in Thira. More...

Tech Writer on Lit Prize List
By Suneetha

Amandeep Sandhu has worked as a Technical Writer at blue chip Technology giants like Novell and Oracle.  Amandeep Sandhu’s second novel ‘Roll of Honour’ is literally on a roll, of honour. When the prestigious Hindu Literary Prize, with a purse of Rs. 5 Lakh, announced their five-book nominations for 2013, he is one of the authors on the list. The winner will be announced in 2014 More...

Story behind The Startup Diaries
By Bala Shah

Gagan Jain and Neeti Jain, authors cum entrepreneurs, have launched their first book, "The Start Up Diaries", a collection of real stories on ordinary entrepreneurs with extraordinary journeys. The book was unveiled by Phanindra Sama, CEO of, one of the entrepreneurs featured in The Start up Diaries. Six of the most successful entrepreneurs are featured in the book. More...

Ananya wins $100,000 in Contests
By Suneetha

A graphic designer who has won 137 contests at international online graphic design marketplace 99designs, and won almost $100,000 in prizes, he has worked 12 years in visualization and was designer at places like and Ontrack Systems Ltd.. He is the CMO at Virtuoso Analytic, which integrates catchy designs and durable databases. This is Ananya Roy, from Kolkata. More...

Tech pioneer makes Music Magic
By Hitesh Shetty

Palem Srikant Reddy hails from one of the most distinguished families of Andhra Pradesh, India.  After completing an Engineering Degree from REC (now NIT) Trichy, he obtained an MS from Ivy League university Stanford.  This was followed by successful stints at tech giants like HP, before he founded IT company Four Soft Limited. A man of many talents, Reddy has just made a movie More...

Indian Finds LinkedIn Premium Bug
By Shalini Nagaonkar

In Mid 2013, LinkedIn announced that 20 million Indians had signed on to use its services.  In 3 years, it had a 500 % growth rate in India.  In its last Quarter, LinkedIn reported that its revenue jumped 59 % to $363.7 million.  Not surprisingly, many top security professionals protect LinkedIn.  And yet a bright young man from India Murtaza Amin found a serious security bug. More...

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