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MalCon conference on Dec 3, 2010
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No Bandh for Kerala IT, July 5, 2010
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Barcamp Kerala, May 3, 2009
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IITian pens IIT Romance
By Suneetha

Shubha Ranjan Saha, who studied Mechanical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Madras, did not go far when he needed a premise for his debut novel. He chose the IIT, and the rest of his premise came from the peripherals of his work place, the airlines industry. S R Saha, the author of 'Jab se you have loved me... the story of an Airhostess and an IITian', speaks to TG More...

Techie book: Can Love Happen Twice
By Suneetha

Second books are the acid test for an author. And Ravinder Singh, whose first book was a huge hit and sold more than 250000 copies, is on a roll again. The run down to the public release of his second book, ‘Can Love Happen Twice’, was surrounded by frenzied anticipation and now with the book in hand the readers are in love again. TG speaks to Ex Infosys techie Ravinder Singh. More...

IITian pens sequel to popular book
By Suneetha

A techie writing fiction is not a rarity these days, but to IIT Kharagpur alumnus Farahad Zama it’s a habit. This London based techie’s debut book ‘A Marriage Bureau for Rich People’ made waves in 2008, and he followed suit with a sequel in 2009. Vizag born Zama, who has an M. Tech from IIT, started his career in programming and is now an IT Director, is back with more books. More...

Techie’s book on award shortlist
By Suneetha

IIT Kharagpur alumnus and SAP expert Anirudha Bhattacharjee co-authored a biography on the music maestro R D Burman which is now going places. On April 26, 2011, Techgoss had interviewed Anirudha.  We catch up with Dubai based Anirudha again after "R.D. Burman - The Man and Music” is one of the six books recently short listed for the prestigious Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize. More...

Techie wins Disney writing contest
By Suneetha

It was much more than a ‘Gayathri in Disneyland’ moment for NRI and Network Consultant Gayathri Ponvannan. She was recently declared the joint winner of a Disney Publishing Worldwide (India) Pitchkiaow literary competition where writers pitched an original idea for a children’s story. Ms. Gayathri won a purse of Rs 50,000 and Disney is currently helping her develop the story. More...

How Yahoo Man pushed net in India
By Suneetha

When the Yahoo man of Indian celluloid, Shammi Kapoor, moved on to dance in the heavens, he left behind an unusual legacy. Shammi’s fascination for the internet was not known widely till the media, frantic for new Shammi snippets, caught on to the late superstar’s intense involvement with the World Wide Web. Shammi helped found the Internet Users Club of India way back in 1995. More...

Techies map Indian Movie Locations
By Suneetha B

Indian films make you travel, vicariously. You must have seen Ooty, Goa, Kashmir, as well as Tokyo, Paris and London in films. But ever wanted to find where a film was shot? Techies and movie lovers Amar Rameshbabu and Filbert P Devasahayam,  who met while doing their Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in USA,  have researched and mapped most Indian films. More...

Techie Turns Fashion Entrepreneur
By Suneetha B

From Systems Integration to Production and HR management doesn’t seem too unnatural a progression for most professionals. But when a techie quits her role in computer systems analysis and programming to take up managing humans involved in apparel-making, it’s indeed a sea change. Meet Ms. Neelima Pillai, who gave up a successful career at Infosys, to become a fashion promoter. More...

TCS Techie book on training days
By Suneetha B

Techie Biswanath Pati just wanted to write a novel about software engineers. Set in Kerala, his debut novel, ‘One Week with Her…Life @ Corporate training centre’ has struck a strong chord with the Indian IT ITES fraternity with its nostalgia elements based on induction training days. Mr. Pati has a Doctorate in Applied Economics and Statistics and a Masters in Computer Science. More...

SAP Guru helps make Mehraj music
By Hitesh Shetty

Himanshu Sharma did a BE from Delhi Univ, and later an MBA in Marketing from Symbiosis, Pune.  These days, Himanshu juggles a successful career as a SAP consultant with his love for music.  Himanshu had stints with fusion band Kaash and Kaya before teaming up with like minded souls to launch Mehraj Band. In a social networked world, Facebook helped recruit their lead guitarist More...

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