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MalCon conference on Dec 3, 2010
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No Bandh for Kerala IT, July 5, 2010
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Barcamp Kerala, May 3, 2009
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Music, Motivation and the BPO
By Suneetha

Have you danced to desi produced ‘The Blog Song’ or been mesmerized by the ‘Vocal Chanting’ style, a combo of India with techno dance beats and deep bass? Wilbur Sargunaraj, the man behind this joyful, mind-blowing music is also a call centre specialist and a motivational speaker who will tell you to follow your heart to be happy. More...

Dr. Tulsi: Despite past persecution prefers India
By Suneetha

A genius undeserved by many of us, but he still prefers India to an overseas assignment. Tathagat Avatar Tulsi had been recognised and then derecognised as a young scientific genius by many in the science world. The circle is now complete with him attaining a PhD at the age of 21 to become one of the youngest scientists ever. More...

Techie Samson Koletkar is a comic success
By Dj Varma and Techgirl

Full-time techie by day and comedian by night, Samson Koletkar, is often described as the ‘Indian Seinfield’.  An Indian Jewish comedian, he is greatly sought after by the affluent Indian community in USA and has recently performed at TIE CON, ITPIO and many other established tech forums. Born in Mumbai, he now calls USA home. More...

Indian Perry Mason solves cyber crime
By Suneetha

Lawyer in cyber-world turning to investigating crime and a techie at that! Powerful blend of crime solving skills this, and Pattathil Dhanya Menon is the stuff combining Sherlock Homes, Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple and Perry Mason with a computer science degree. Dhanya’s credentials are impressive. Techgoss met her and here is our conversation. More...

Security expert starts NGO to help cyber victims
By Suneetha

22 year old Sunny Vaghela is your ‘friendly neighbourhood cyberman’ in all respects. This cyber-whiz has notched up impressive achievements like helping the Crime Branch solve the blast cases in Ahmedabad and Mumbai by tracing emails sent by terrorists.  He is also credited with solving a number of cases involving fake Orkut profiles as well as SMS spoofing. More...

SMS Community Newsletter: Serving Mankind Smartly
By Suneetha

Pune-based Ravi Ghate runs a local SMS Community Newsletter service and his motto is ‘From Zero for Zeros.’ In 2006, he won the National Youth Award, Government of India’s highest award given to Youth Social Workers in India for his contribution in “Computer Literacy Mission” & “Technology for the Masses.” In 2007, he received the prestigious Manthan Award. More...

Bangalore protests Software Patents
By Suneetha.B

Copyrights? Yes! Patents? No! The Free Software Users Group in India emphatically protested against a back door attempt to create patents out of what is considered at par with an art form in the field of IT, viz. software. They held a candle light vigil attended by more than a 100 people in Bangalore, on the 23rd August 2008 in front of the Town Hall in India’s Silicon City. More...

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