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MalCon conference on Dec 3, 2010
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No Bandh for Kerala IT, July 5, 2010
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Barcamp Kerala, May 3, 2009
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Tech CEO on Views of Women
By Resmi Jaimon

Pratheeksha AK, CEO of Kochi based Amidray technologies, has been instrumental in launching a social platform Views of Women (VoW), and plays a major role in promoting & consolidating Kerala’s first business network for women entrepreneurs. After completing her MBA in 2010, she started Amidray Technology. TG catches up with the 20 something businesswoman making waves in Kerala. More...

Good Bye ITES Hello Bun Burner
By Hitesh Shetty

The booming IT-ITES industry in India has empowered many Tech Specialists to drop out and pursue their passions.  Some IIT Graduates have stopped pursuing lucrative careers in India and overseas and are with NGO’s as well as organizations like ISCKON.  A leading security expert has cut down on his hours to practice Art of Living. Vinu S.V took a break from ITES to pursue biking. More...

Techie Blossoms into book seller
By Suneetha


Mayi Gowda is from a poor farmer family in rustic Mysore which could not educate him beyond matriculation. He went to a polytechnic solely with his teacher’s aid. He worked nights while attending college by day for his B.E. His first tech job was with GE Power Systems. He is now a successful entrepreneur selling old books in Bangalore. Mr Gowda talks about his venture, Blossoms. More...

Techie quits job to help Artisans
By Suneetha

It was the call of the inner soul for Preethi Prabhu; she gave up a lucrative salary and the comforts of her IT Manager’s cabin for philanthropy, of the art kind. Her penchant for preservation of culture and heritage helped, and she founded the IndyaKaleidoscope which helps many rural artisans earn more income by cutting out the role of the middleman. Preethi spoke to Techgoss. More...

IITian pens IIT Romance
By Suneetha

Shubha Ranjan Saha, who studied Mechanical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Madras, did not go far when he needed a premise for his debut novel. He chose the IIT, and the rest of his premise came from the peripherals of his work place, the airlines industry. S R Saha, the author of 'Jab se you have loved me... the story of an Airhostess and an IITian', speaks to TG More...

Techie book: Can Love Happen Twice
By Suneetha

Second books are the acid test for an author. And Ravinder Singh, whose first book was a huge hit and sold more than 250000 copies, is on a roll again. The run down to the public release of his second book, ‘Can Love Happen Twice’, was surrounded by frenzied anticipation and now with the book in hand the readers are in love again. TG speaks to Ex Infosys techie Ravinder Singh. More...

Techie in team for yummy Chaat
By Suneetha

Partial to street food?  And live in Delhi, but fear lack of hygiene? Here’s hope! Aahar Rath ‘The Litti’ which describes itself as  ‘India's first branded mobile designer vending outlet serving Indian traditional dishes’, is spearheaded by NIFT graduate Suraj Kumar along with a couple of young men, including techies. TG speaks to Rohit Sharan, one of the techies on the team. More...

IITian pens sequel to popular book
By Suneetha

A techie writing fiction is not a rarity these days, but to IIT Kharagpur alumnus Farahad Zama it’s a habit. This London based techie’s debut book ‘A Marriage Bureau for Rich People’ made waves in 2008, and he followed suit with a sequel in 2009. Vizag born Zama, who has an M. Tech from IIT, started his career in programming and is now an IT Director, is back with more books. More...

Pi Hackathon winner Akshay Surve
By Bala Shah

Leading Indian Startups, Business and Tech blog pluGGd.in (Pi) hosted a Hackathon On Nov 4, 2011. At the Pluggd.in Hackathon event, Indian startups shared their API details and ‘sold’ the APIs to developers. Hackers also had the choice to build independent hacks (or use Twitter, Google etc APIs). 49 hackers attended this Bangalore event, and by all accounts it was a success. More...

Indian video on Facebook goes viral
By Suneetha

It’s called ‘5 Days of Facebook’ and is 382 seconds long. It’s a humorous take on the ‘realities vs. expectations’ when boy meets girl on Facebook. Uploaded to YouTube on October 11, 2011, it ‘stars’ young people you may have seen on the streets of the virtual world before too. And as I write this, this Manish Jain produced video has had 119,276 views and nearly 300 comments. More...

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