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MalCon conference on Dec 3, 2010
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No Bandh for Kerala IT, July 5, 2010
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Barcamp Kerala, May 3, 2009
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Techie Shutterbug Rathika Ramasamy
By Suneetha

"Every time, I press the shutter, it takes me one step closer to Mother Nature", says this personable young woman, whose work has been showcased in a number of national and international publications. She travels widely in search of ‘wild’ subjects and conducts Wildlife Photography workshops. Meet Computer Engineering trained techie turned super shutterbug Ms Rathika Ramasamy. More...

Image Consultant helps techies
By Nina Mukherji

Sama Adil is an Image Consultant who works with individuals and Tech majors in Bangalore offering counselling and assistance in image enhancement. She firmly believes that individuals can make a strong impact on others through their appearance and attitude. Techgoss chatted with Sama about how this works and its bearing on levels of confidence and wellbeing in an individual. More...

Testing Guru with musical talents
By Suneetha

Innovation is his middle name, and it’s what he does for a living. It’s no wonder that Hyderabad based Ashwin Palaparthi composes great music along with software testing techniques. This articulate 31 year old, a VP at AppLabs, is a man of many talents and had even launched a software venture ValueMinds which is credited with a number of award winning software testing tools. More...

How Somewhere @ Nowhere was written
By Resmi Jaimon

Nikesh Rathi, author of Somewhere @ Nowhere, worked with IT industry for some time before going on to pursue his passion for Education and Writing.  Though he had only a short stint in IT at Wipro, it helped him form the central characters of his book. Post his MBA from IIM in 2008, he now works in the educational sector.  Techgoss speaks to Nikesh about his well received book. More...

Next Gen Audience Response System
By Nina Mukherji

Karan Parikh and Sam Liu from Urbana Champaign, Illinois entered the YahooHackU, an international programming competition, simply to apply what they’d learnt at school, learn something new and meet many more interesting people! But they ended up with much more – a place at the finals of the prestigious contest and an iPad were just some of the things they walked away with. More...

Writing on the Temple Wall
By Nina Mukherji

Pradeep Chakravathy is an HR Guru handling Leadership Development in one of India’s largest and most successful IT giants. But that’s just the beginning, he wears other hats too – Freelance writer, Conductor of heritage walks in Chennai (with a view to introducing people to some very interesting, non-religious aspects of temples) and author of ‘Thanjavur a Cultural History’. More...

CISCO finalist now on i2i podium
By Resmi Jaimon

CISCO, which dominates the global network equipment market, sponsors the Cisco I-Prize worth $250K.  The I-Prize is an open, global competition where anyone can submit ideas for Cisco’s next business success. In 2010, Techgoss had interviewed Sanjith Yeruva who has made it to the finals of the CISCO contest. Sanjith has now won podium placement in another prestigious contest. More...

Tech CEO Assumes Civic Duties
By Nina Mukjerji

Kala believes in dreaming big. After spending just two years at an IT firm she decided to quit and start her own software company – Widespread Technology. Once again, when approached to stand for the Zilla Panchayat elections, she took on the challenge and won a seat at her very first attempt. Techgoss chats with Kala about the elections and future plans for her constituency. More...

Techie Publisher launches Ripples
By Suneetha

A portmanteau film? Yes! But a portmanteau short story set?  IIT trained techie turned writer-publisher Prashant Karhade pulls off exactly that trick in Ripples, an anthology of short stories launched in Chennai this week by celebrities Revathi and Suchitra Karthik Kumar. Revathi and Suchitra were all praise for Prashant Karhade for this innovative model of publishing. More...

Website Tintumon gets huge support
By Suneetha.B

Tintumon, the popular SMS Hero, is the Keralite (and only Indian) equivalent of ‘Little Johnny’. A precocious 5 year old comic character with an intelligent and side-splitting take on everything under the sun, Tintumon has run into a copyright furore. Unni Koroth is one of the ‘odd brains’ of Foradian Technologies who are credited with launching the online site More...

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