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MalCon conference on Dec 3, 2010
Posted By:Techgoss
No Bandh for Kerala IT, July 5, 2010
Posted By:Kerala IT News
Barcamp Kerala, May 3, 2009
Posted By:Techman
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Are Men 32% more productive?
By Techgirl

Like most Indian women, I genuinely believe that most of us work better than most of the stronger (weaker?) sex.  We do better at school and at universities.  A woman heads our ruling political party.  The President of India as well as the Speaker of the Indian Parliament are women.  Arguably, India’s best English TV Channel CNN - IBN has more women journalists than men More...

84% porn visits can be tracked down
By Techgirl

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) in USA is the leading civil rights organization to protect its citizens when their freedoms in the networked world come under attack. Founded in 1990, the highly regarded EFF has championed the public interest in every critical battle affecting digital rights. EFF is a donor-funded nonprofit and like Greenpeace values its independence. More...

Can Americans laugh at Outsourcing?
By Shalini Singh

This year the Indian IT, BPO and KPO sectors will earn revenue of $60 Billion mainly from clients in USA and Europe.  Even as many Americans are hurting due to their jobs being moved offshore, Indian companies are laughing all the way to the bank.  Now American media and entertainment giant NBC Universal will be broadcasting a comedy ‘Outsourced’ to its American audience. More...

Indian copyright laws most fair
By Bala Shah

Washington-based International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA), founded in 1984, is a private sector coalition set up to protect the copyrights of US-based organizations. The IIPA coalition has seven member associations including the Business Software Alliance (BSA).  The BSA members include tech giants like Adobe, Apple, HP, IBM, EMC, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP and others. More...

Indian among most Powerful Voices in Open Source
By Pulkit Sharma

The Open Source movement has ensured that quality software is available free to tens of millions of people who cannot afford expensive commercial products.  At a more subtle level, its collaborative approach has resulted in a more unified and connected world. Open Source has made tremendous inroads in India. More...

Techie novelist makes waves
By Suneetha

She modestly says she has done ‘some other interesting things, like research as a biomedical scientist, solder on rocket payloads, teach French, volunteer with both abused women and abused animals, and work for a nonprofit healthcare organization’. Meet Vanitha Sankaran, techie, whose debut novel “Watermark’ is making waves. More...

Indian Spammer not good at his job
By Sandhya

As many as 85 percent of all the emails in the world are spam selling everything from Viagra to designer watches from Hong Kong. The Spamhaus Project is an international nonprofit organization whose mission is to track the Internet's spam operations and to provide dependable real-time anti-spam protection for networks. More...

Online outsourcing: US outperforms India
By Sandhya

Every week, Indian mainstream media reports on multi million dollar outsourcing contracts signed by IT-ITES majors like TCS, Wipro, Infosys and Genpact.  Even as the deals worth hundreds of crores are being signed and serviced, individual Indians and small firms are working on projects sometimes worth only 100 dollars. More...

IITian debuts as author with Penguin
By Suneetha

Creative Indian techies are on a roll these days. Every few months, we hear of a bright techie hitting the limelight with his artistic or creative pursuits. Joining the bandwagon today is Paritosh Uttam, an IIT M alumnus, and a practicing techie. His debut novel with none other than Penguin Books is out this month. More...

Music, Motivation and the BPO
By Suneetha

Have you danced to desi produced ‘The Blog Song’ or been mesmerized by the ‘Vocal Chanting’ style, a combo of India with techno dance beats and deep bass? Wilbur Sargunaraj, the man behind this joyful, mind-blowing music is also a call centre specialist and a motivational speaker who will tell you to follow your heart to be happy. More...

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