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MalCon conference on Dec 3, 2010
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No Bandh for Kerala IT, July 5, 2010
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Barcamp Kerala, May 3, 2009
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Wikipedia wants better NASSCOM profile
By Bala Shah

Wikipedia is one of the top 20 websites accessed by Indians.  Apart from being a rich source of research and educational material,   it can be credited as one of the greatest achievements of idealistic, global volunteer effort. Started in 2001, it is widely regarded as a reliable source of news, research and information. Now Wikipedia wants a factual NASSCOM entry. More...

How Media hyped up Google Chrome OS
By Shalini Singh

Google dominates the online search market and Google Apps products like gmail are hugely popular. So, whenever Google announces a new product or feature, it is picked up by most newspapers, TV Stations and blogs.  In the media’s quest to outdo each other and ‘engage’ their readership, excitement and exaggeration drive the first cut of news. Cold reality is more boring. More...

What are the rights of anonymous Indian bloggers?
By Prashant Reddy

As many of our anonymous cowards, not to forget the FakeIPLplayer, will tell you – anonymity has its own thrills. Unfortunately for some of their anonymous brethren in the United Kingdom, a recent decision of the High Court of that country has held that anonymous bloggers cannot restrain another person from stripping them of their cloak of anonymity. More...

Orkut India nervous as Facebook India doubles
By Shalini Singh

While Facebook is the hottest social networking website in the world, its domination is not absolute.  Google’s Orkut was the first to move into India and Brazil and has a commanding lead in both these countries. Till 2008, it seemed that Orkut would continue its domination in India and would manage to face off the Facebook challenge. Now Orkut is nervous. More...

Tech giant Intel stars actors playing Indians
By Pulkit Sharma

Intel is the dominant chip player in the world and controls 80 percent of the $40 billion market.  Intel chips have stood the test of time and rugged conditions and drive most of the personal computers and laptops in the world. But the recession is biting and Intel first quarter profits this year was only $647 million as compared to $1.44 billion in 2008. More...

Security expert starts NGO to help cyber victims
By Suneetha

22 year old Sunny Vaghela is your ‘friendly neighbourhood cyberman’ in all respects. This cyber-whiz has notched up impressive achievements like helping the Crime Branch solve the blast cases in Ahmedabad and Mumbai by tracing emails sent by terrorists.  He is also credited with solving a number of cases involving fake Orkut profiles as well as SMS spoofing. More...

Pink Chaddi pleas to Facebook ignored
By Techgirl

The thugs of Sri Rama Sene horrified Indians by their cowardly attacks on youngsters enjoying a day out at a pub in Mangalore. A group of Indian women formed the Facebook group ‘Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women’ to counter the right wing moral police.  Their public campaign of sending Pink Chaddis (underwear) to the Rama Sene leader was a great success. More...

French police: Linux saves us 50 Million
By Bala Shah

Tech giant Microsoft and its proprietary operating systems are being increasingly challenged as more Governments and businesses opt for the cost and flexibility of open source.  Indian State Governments like Kerala, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal have taken a number of steps to ensure they are not locked into proprietary software and its associated restrictions and costs. More...

SMS Community Newsletter: Serving Mankind Smartly
By Suneetha

Pune-based Ravi Ghate runs a local SMS Community Newsletter service and his motto is ‘From Zero for Zeros.’ In 2006, he won the National Youth Award, Government of India’s highest award given to Youth Social Workers in India for his contribution in “Computer Literacy Mission” & “Technology for the Masses.” In 2007, he received the prestigious Manthan Award. More...

Downtime 08: LinkedIn and Twitter worst
By Pulkit Sharma

Swedish company Pingdom was founded by Sam Nurmi with “a very strong and narrow focus. That focus lies on covering the uptime monitoring needs of 90% of the companies in the world.”  By all accounts, the technology used by Pingdom provides a quality service to customers in 131 countries. Pingdom is now reporting on the downtime for social networking websites in 2008. More...

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