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MalCon conference on Dec 3, 2010
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No Bandh for Kerala IT, July 5, 2010
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Barcamp Kerala, May 3, 2009
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India’s Top Coder on 1.5Lakh Win
By Supriya Singh

In June, months of intense competition and hard fought battles revealed 50 finalists from across India who engaged in the TechGig Code Gladiators National Finals to reveal the top coders in India. TechGig Code Gladiators - Hunt for India's Best Coders was held in the following programming languages - C, C++, C#, Java, Java script, PHP, VB.NET, Ruby on Rails, Python and Perl. More...

IntelloCut win @Venture Engine
By Shalini Nagaonkar

'intelloCut', a material planning and optimization software for sewn products industry (apparel / leather / inflatable /  upholstery / footwear / home furnishing manufacturers/ technical textile etc.), developed by Noida based Threadsol Softwares, was declared the first runner up at the Microsoft Bizspark  Startup Challenge 2013 National Finals held in June, 2013 at Bangalore. More...

Apprentice Asia Runner-Up @Mxit
By Pulkit Sharma

South Africa’s Largest Chat Application Mxit has about 10 million users globally.  The application, which is also planning to launch in eleven more Indian languages in few months has already close to half million users in India after its successful launch in January 2014.  Its Hyd Offices in India has just hired the Runner-up of very popular business show, the Apprentice Asia. More...

YGF has 2400 IT-BPO volunteers
By Shalini Nagaonkar

It is said ‘Knowledge is Power’. Kiran Sagar, who works for a blue chip tech giant, is doing all he can for the empowerment of underprivileged children in our society through the light of education.  Three lines in a book penned by former Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam were enough to inspire and motivate Kiran Sagar to start Yuva Bengaluru which has become a huge success. More...

Techies Corporate Film Success
By Supriya Singh

The booming IT Sector has empowered few of its workers to pursue their heart felt calling even when it involves long hours after work to fulfill their creative passions. Meet the talented Nishant who has Directed a Techno Thriller film CORPORATE which premiered at SREE Theater, Trivandrum, Kerala on Sun, June 15.  By all accounts, the film was very well received by the audience. More...

AdSparx CEO on 3.5Cr Funding
By Supriya Singh

Pune based privately held AdSparx is a Video Ad Technology Platform for streaming Internet Video. AdSparx uses patented server-side technology to serve device independent, high quality, targeted, pre & mid-roll video ads for linear TV, live events and videos on demand. AdSparx works with existing content delivery systems like Wowza, Adobe Flash Media Server, Apache and CDNs. More...

Healthcare Magic Story of Success
By Bala Shah

Ebix, a leading international supplier of On-Demand software and E-commerce services, has just acquired Healthcare Magic – a medical advisory service with an online network of approximately 15,000 General Physicians and Surgeons spread across 50 specialties including alternative medicine. Ebix will integrate the services from this acquisition into its A.D.A.M. Health Division. More...

IT Consultant is successful Author
By Resmi Jaimon

Rachna Singh has worked with Infosys and then Dell for a decade. She thanks the Tech industry for giving her ‘creativity with discipline’. Rachna, who studied Psychology in India and then Cross cultural behavior at Japan, is now a very successful Author.  Her debut novel ‘Dating, Diapers and Denial’ got rave reviews and even made it to the Crossword Economist Awards’ long list More...

Zaya @Social Venture Challenge Asia
By Shalini Nagaonkar

Zaya Labs is a global leader in education focused technologies. Their fundamental belief is that every child can and should receive a great education. And any space can be made a place of learning, Neil D'Souza, Founder and CEO of Zaya grew up in India, studied Computer Science in USA and then worked for Cisco.  Under his leadership, Zaya has gone from one success to the next. More...

Techie’s Book on Zen Wisdom
By Bala Shah

Jay Kay was born in India.  After studying Engineering in Madras, Jay moved to the USA to pursue a career as a Software Consultant. He had a successful stint in the USA as a professional consultant working for major Fortune 100 clientele that includes IBM, Cognizant, GE & SAP. He returned back to India to transform large IT Delivery teams to a successful Center of Excellence. More...

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