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MalCon conference on Dec 3, 2010
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No Bandh for Kerala IT, July 5, 2010
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Barcamp Kerala, May 3, 2009
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LinkedIn Appoints Country Manager for India
By Ria Sharma

LinkedIn is the most successful networking website for executives and dominates its niche. It has 52 million members in 200 countries. Reportedly, a new member joins LinkedIn approximately every second and half its members are from outside US. It has just appointed Mr. Hari V. Krishnan to head India. More...

No Indians vote for Open Source movers and shakers
By Pulkit Sharma

The open source movement was initiated as an idealistic voluntary endeavor to ensure that everyone in the world has access to quality software.  As its name suggests, the computer code is available for anyone to tweak and improve. Initially dismissed as a leftist, socialistic ideal, today it’s a powerful force changing the world for the better.

ITPIO Chapter now in Pune
By Pulkit Sharma

The International Association of Indian IT (Information Technology) Professionals (ITPIO) launched its Pune Chapter on Oct 3 at the Symantec Offices in Baner. ITPIO is a non-profit organization that primarily focuses on fostering the leadership and personal development for IT professionals of Indian Origin. ITPIO was originally launched in the Silicon Valley, USA. More...

Is NASSCOM anti Open Standards?
By Shalini Singh

NASSCOM has been set up to consolidate and promote the interests of the booming IT-BPO industries in India.  NASSCOM members account for 95 percent of the industry revenues in India and employ more than 2.5 million professionals. While NASSCOM is credited for doing a great job for the Indian IT-BPO sector, some of its actions are hard to understand.  More...

LinkedIn users like gambling
By Pulkit Sharma

We logon to social sites like Orkut, Facebook and Twitter to connect to family and friends.  The largest business networking site LinkedIN helps promote careers and business.  Many use these sites to pamper their egos and even find dates. Not surprisingly, big business finds its way to where the people are so that they can advertise and sell to their target audience. More...

Techie combats hate in a world of racism
By Suneetha

Techies often migrate over seas and merge with the crowd in an effort to be a part of their adopted world. In the process, many forget their roots, and are hesitant to extent a helping hand to those who are in the same boat as they had been several years ago. But some go on to keep the flame of culture alive and care about the brethren that follow their foot steps. More...

Techie turned entrepreneur, Sarath Babu
By Suneetha

His first brush with limelight was when he rejected a big pay packet in 2006 as an IIM (Ahmedabad) alumnus, expressing his preference to be at the giving end of jobs. The press gobbled up the story of this techie from a Chennai slum who recognized his man-management skills as a BITS Pilani student organizer of a youth event and belled the CAT to study MBA. More...

Birth and Growth of India~s IT Industry
By Suneetha

Sam Pitroda, widely regarded as the father of the telecom revolution in India, released this historical book by Dinesh C Sharma, a senior tech journalist. “The Long Revolution: The Birth and Growth of India's IT Industry”, while detailing every important milestone in the tech sector, tells us the real story behind what was perceived as IBM's eviction from India in 1977. More...

Top Tester: Prize money to buy laptop
By DJ Varma

uTest is the largest marketplace for software testing services.  It has built up a global community of 14,000 professional testers from 151 countries who can find and fix any short comings in most computer systems. UTest has more than 400 corporate clients spread over every vertical. An Indian tester, Ranchhod Prajapati, has won top honors in the latest uTest Bug Battle. More...

Indian President meets whiz hacker
By Bala Shah

Even is a country with great tech skills, Shantanu Gawde is exceptional. Shantanu has impeccable genius DNA with both his parents holding doctorates. At only 6 years, he mastered Linux Red Hat and a year later passed the MSCE exam.  Apart from every advanced Microsoft Certification he is also an Oracle Certified Professional and even a Sun Certified Java Programmer. More...

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